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Video: Fall makes: Sewing a 4-piece activewear collection

After some serious work and skill improvement sessions, I can finally reveal my latest makes – a four-piece activewear collection. Two tops and two bottoms. All four patterns I drafted myself, the tops were first attempts and there is some room for improvement for sure, I will label these my wearable muslins. My leggings pattern block, on the other hand, is something I’ve spent several years tweaking and I’m finally super happy about how they fit and look!

Again there was some drama and sweat equity spent making these garments and as I say in the video, I should probably sew more easy garments so that I don’t feel exhausted after each project completion. But on the other hand, opting for challenging projects where I learn new things every time has also been very rewarding and have really helped to improve my sewing skills. So it’s a balancing act for sure. Perhaps my sewing goals for 2018 should be to go easy on myself for a bit?

Things mentioned in the video:

How to succeed with the coverstitch binder attachment

FehrTrade Duathlon shorts with side pockets

Greenstyle Creations Stride leggings with side pockets

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Blue leaves print

Now I’m off to work on the project that didn’t happen for this video due to me getting lost in my binding struggles, i.e the FehrTrade Surf to Summit top!


  • Adrianne
    October 8, 2017 at 8:30 pm

    You are awesome Johanna! I love your collection. You did a great job and they all look fabulous on you!


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