Sewing activewear / Video

Video: New activewear makes

It’s been quite a long time since I last showed you some finished makes. As you have probably guessed, writing a sewing book doesn’t leave much time for sewing clothes for my own personal needs. That’s fine, but I’ve also missed the creative process and the satisfaction sewing brings me. But now I have a four piece colourful workout collection to show you!

And I’m in love with every single piece, this project has been deeply rewarding, and a good remedy to the sewing burn-out I suffered last year after working on the book and also tackled sewing two pair of jeans simultaneously.

BTW I cannot see myself ever returning to buying mostly ready-to-wear workout clothes, just being able to sew workout leggings that actually fit on every part of my body is so worth it to me. Plus there are so many fun sewing techniques we can use for activewear, that allows us to expand our sewing skill toolkit way beyond what we traditionally do as home sewists. Which I talk more about in the video!

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