Video: How to pick the right fabric

March 26, 2018 No Comments

Video: How to pick the right fabric

March 26, 2018 No Comments

Want to know how to judge good fabrics from bad? Which fabrics are the most eco-friendly? And why does some fabric pill and how can we avoid them? Those and MANY more fabric questions are answered in my latest livestream How to pick the right fabrics. As I say in the video, fabrics and their different properties are not given the attention it deserves in many instances. Which results in us sometimes making poor fabric choices that yields less than stellar end-results. That is why I wanted to address this topic properly, and you are in for an information-packed hour! Plus great tips and questions in the chat. Doing these liveshows has become one of my favourite ways to connect with you guys and share sewing knowledge with each other. I love that I have such a lively chat!

My fabric facts series

Textile Science by Kathryn L Hatch (the book I’m showing in the video, Amazon affiliate link)


How to get notified on upcoming liveshows

I got some questions on when my shows are on. They are a once a month occurrence, always on a Sunday and always 8 PM CET/2 PM EST (unless daylight savings mess a timezone up).  You can get notified about future livestreams on YouTube by clicking on the bell underneath a video. Plus I add the livestream several days before it airs on my YouTube live page. I also post in advance here on the blog, my Instagram and Facebook page. Usually they are on the last Sunday of the month, but obviously I can’t guarantee that, because of well, life 🙂



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