Video: Sew Smarter: The best sewing Hacks

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One of my sewing highlights is the monthly sewing livestream I do on YouTube, it has morphed into such a fun, engaged, knowledgeable community. I learn a ton myself during each episode, and the conversation in the chat is so lively and generous. This Sunday we talked about our best sewing hacks and how to sew smarter and often faster using unconventional tools.

Sewing hacks mentioned in the video

  • How to make fitting faster and easier using templates
  • Marking without pens and tracing wheels
  • How to use tape and glue for your sewing
  • Why you need a lighter when you are sewing
  • Best free tools for sewing straight
  • How to use kitchen tools in sewing
  • And lots more!

Books with great sewing tips and tricks

Compendium of Sewing Techniques by Lorna Knight
Sewing secrets from the Fashion Industry
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Other stuff mentioned in the video

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