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Video: Sewing pattern magazines – the ultimate guide (part 2)

As you know I’m a big fan of sewing pattern magazines. This is how I got into garment sewing, and patterns from magazines are still what I primarily use when I’m not drafting my own patterns. This video is part two in my Ultimate pattern magazine guide (Check out part 1). So these two videos give a pretty comprehensive view of the most ones that are currently available, but there are of course more ones and if they find their way to Swedish stores I try to grab an issue.

Pattern magazines mentioned in this video

My Image Sewing Patterns

  • Dutch magazine
  • Contains around 20 patterns per issue
  • 2-3 issues per year
  • 34-52
  • XS-3XL
  • English, French, German, Spanish and Dutch in the same issue

La Mia Boutique

  • 12 issues per year
  • Italian
  • 38-54 (note that Italians sizing is one size smaller than Burda and other Northern European pattern magazines)
  • Not all sizes for all patterns

La Maison Victor

  • Belgian pattern magazine
  • 30-56 (female)
  • XXS-XXL (men)
  • German, Dutch, French and English

Mrs Style Book

  • Japanese Pattern Magainzes that shows how to draft patterns using basic blocks. Usually, pattern sheets with a handful of patterns are also included.
  • The patterns are based on using your own personal pattern blocks, and there are instructions for how to draft them in each magazine.

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