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Video: Stabilising Shoulder Seams on Knit Tops

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In order to prevent the shoulder seams from stretching out when sewing knit tops, sweaters and t-shirts, you need to stabilise the seams. And in this video, I show you my top five methods for stabilising shoulder seams when sewing knit tops.

Because, in my humble opinion, not all methods out there are great, for instance, I strongly advise against using twill shoulder stay tape when sewing tops made of stretchy knit fabrics, such as Spandex/Lycra knits. It adds unnecessary bulk and changes the hand of the garment because it’s actually fine to have some stretch in the shoulders, the trick is to make sure it has the proper recovery so that it snaps back.

Another method that one has to be aware of is using fusible strips of interfacing. They can be great, but you have to do it right, which I show in the video. So all the ones I show in this sewing video tutorial are the tried and true, and that works well for both stable and stretchy knits, and several methods are also used in the garment industry.

Methods for stabilising shoulder seams on knits

  • Clear elastic
  • Power net
  • Self-fabric
  • Fusible interfacing
  • Fusible bias tape (Amazon Affiliate Link)

All methods can be done both on a sewing machine and a serger/overlocker, and in the video, I also show my best tips for sewing shoulder seams on both machines.

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