Watch the live stream: How to hem like a pro

Here is the full live stream I did on Sunday about various hemming techniques and solutions to common hemming struggles. The chat was lit, and we had so much to talk about. Hemming is clearly a topic that has us sewists engaged. So there will definitely be a part two in the future. Plus at the end of the video I give you a sneak peek of the project I’ve been hinting about lately!

Hemming techniques we cover in the live stream

Blind hemming

  • Hand blind hemming
  • Sewing machine blind hemming
  • Serger blind hemming
  • Industrial blind hemming

Narrow hems

Hemming knits

  • Twin-Needle
  • Blind hemming
  • Coverstitch
  • Three-step straight stitch
  • Serger rolled hem

Hemming flowy fabrics (those can be tricky!)

  • Hand rolled hem
  • Rolled serger hem
  • Sewing machine rolled hem

Sewing struggles

  • Rolled hem with the rolled he, presser foot
  • Ridges when hemming knits with a twin-needle or coverstitch machines
  • Sewing curved hems
  • A-line skirts
  • Invisible hemming on multi-colour knit fabrics

Videos mentioned in the live stream

How to sew a wrap dress

Invisible hemming on knits

How to hem knits on a sewing machine

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