Watch the liveshow: All about zippers

Here is the the full video of Sunday’s livestream about zippers. The chat was on fire, we had a blast talking about various ways to assemble zippers, zipper phobia (yes it’s a thing) and sharing tips. We also chatted about the pros and cons of day light savings. And on top of that I also set a zipper on fire (or at least I burned it).

And that was not all that was on fire, my old laptop apparently couldn’t take the heat, so when the stream was about to end the computer died on me and the stream went black. The laptop is six years old and while it has had issues for over a year now, I’ve put it off replacing mine since they are so costly, especially as I need a powerful machine to do the video editing. But now that time has come!

Anyways, hope you enjoy the livestream and all the topics we address, including lots of pro tips from the garment industry. And a big thank you to everyone who came on live and chatted about this engaging topic!

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