Working on: Raglan shirt from Built By Wendy

July 31, 2018 No Comments

Working on: Raglan shirt from Built By Wendy

July 31, 2018 No Comments

I got to a head start last night, cutting out fabrics for three projects in one go (the best feeling!). Including this raglan baseball shirt from one of my favourite knit beginner sewing books Sew U Home Stretch: (Amazon affiliate link). The base pattern is great, but it has a few drawbacks, first the neckline is a bit too tight, and secondly, it has no waist curve which doesn’t sit well on my body, I do need some shaping around the waist and tummy area. So I’m modifying those things, but apart from that, this top is a super quick make and I have sewn this pattern at least eight times before, it is so versatile.  Here are a few of the previous ones.

But no sewing today though, as I’m taking a little trip again. This summer vacation has been very different, I spent the first two weeks working on my coverstitch book and then I decided it was enough, and spontaneously booked three short trips, two with friends and today I’m going away with my husband to a spa/bed and breakfast place. Normally I like to plan things ahead, but this summer has been kinda weird as I mentioned. Anyways, the good thing about trying to book hotels, trains and such just days before arrival is that it’s surprisingly cheap. So I think this has been one of the most frugal summers in a long time!

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