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The latest arrival in my mailbox is the Canadian fashion magazine Worn. The current issue’s theme is shoes which incidentally is a subject, along with handbags, that I find rather boring. That said, Worn does a good job covering shoes from a decidedly noncommercial perspective. They write about things like sneakerheads, tell the story of a classic shoe designed by Roger Vivier, serve up a compelling interview with a vintage shoe collector and discuss the impact of high heels with a museum curator. But my favorite feature is the one where artists has transformed white Keds into amazing customized shoes. That spread made me want to run out and buy a pair and just go crazy with pens, pearls and other craft supplies.

Worn strikes me as a really ambitious magazine, they even have a lengthy mission statement on their homepage. It’s also wonderfully free of “Top 5 must-buys” and thinly disguised promotional features. My only real complaint is the design – Worn lacks pizazz and their choice of font for the body text is not a good one in my opinion. Overall the layout is rather boring (although a couple of spreads looks really nice). This was a disappointment since the cover is so fabulous. Some of the articles could have been better written as well, but Worn clearly operates on a shoestring (they also have a pretty strict advertising policy) and I’m sure the writers do it for free. All in all Worn is the sort of big breath of fresh air that I have been longing for in fashion media. I only bought one issue, but I will probably order a subscription now.

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  • Antoinette
    August 21, 2009 at 12:44 pm

    My son and I saw a book at the library — I think it's called Kicks — and it's all about customizing shoes. We intended to take his white Pumas and do something cool but it was soon clear I would have to do all the cool things, as he was not confident enough to draw on his own shoes! Thanks for the magazine review. I will keep my eyes out for this one.


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