How to Hem Leggings: Aila Sew-Along

Hemming stretchy knits can be a challenge and the narrow leg opening on a pair of leggings makes it even trickier so in this tutorial I will focus on the various ways you can hem your AIla leggings. Hemming with a sewing machine This is the option that most sewists will have to resort to when hemming leggings unless you have a coverstitch machine. Now sewing machines are not optimised for this purpose, but with the right settings and some helpful tools and notions, you will be able to sew a hem that looks pretty good. And not break when stretched out either, which is crucial of course. So let’s start with the two stitch options I recommend. Twin-needle hemming A twin-needle or double-needle as it’s also called, sew two rows of straight stitches on … Continue reading How to Hem Leggings: Aila Sew-Along