Leggings waistband welt pocket: A sewing tutorial

Adding a welt waistband pocket to a pair of activewear leggings is a simple way to create a pocket solution if your leggings sewing pattern lacks a pocket. And if you ask me, a pocket option should be mandatory on all leggings sewing patterns, at least if they are meant to be activewear.  I’ve had this idea mulling in my head for a while and decided to try it out on my latest pair of leggings. So this tutorial is me experimenting, but I’m happy to report that the end result was even better than I had hoped for! To a sew leggings waistband pocket you’ll need Power net (optional, but recommended) Lightweight interfacing Marking Pen Step 1. Sew the welt pocket opening Cut a narrow strip for the welts. The strips should be cut … Continue reading Leggings waistband welt pocket: A sewing tutorial