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Six tutorials on how to sew trousers

sewing pants trousers tutorial

Since Sunday’s livestream topic is sewing trousers, I’ve compiled the tutorials I’ve done on this topic over the years. As I’ve said before, I’m no expert on this topic, I’m still struggling. But I have picked up a few methods over the years that have improved things at least,  so I figured I could share them! How to sew a faced pocket On my two last pairs of trousers, I’ve done pockets with facing and contrasting lining – I love when my…

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Live on Sunday: Sewing trousers – let’s share tips & tricks!

It’s time for another livestream Sunday. And the topic I’ve chosen this time is sewing trousers. Now, I’m the first to admit that I’m no expert in this area, even though I’ve sewn dozens of pants over the years. I’m still struggling with certain parts, to be honest. But I figured we could all help each other out: Sharing our best tips and tricks and of course, ask questions – I know there is some great collective knowledge among you…

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Video: Sewing knit side seams on a sewing machine

best seams for sewing knits on a sewing machine

Which are the best stitches when you are sewing side seams on a sewing machine? In this video I share my top three choices and give you the scoop on the pros and cons of sewing machine stretch seams. Now I love my serger and would not want to be without it, but not all of us have this machine and on some projects, I actually prefer using my sewing machine as it gives me better control. Also note that I…

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How I organise my sewing notions using labels

When it comes to organising my natural inclination is to throw everything in whatever bin that I’m close to at the moment– why waste precious time finding the best place for each thing? This mentality is a disaster when it comes to sewing stuff, which, as we all know, is something that can expand faster than any other household goods once we get into this hobby. Plus most of us sew in small spaces, which makes some sort of order…

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Spoonflower workout shorts

Spoonflower sports fabric shorts

So here they are, a pair of workout shorts using custom print Spoonflower sports lycra. This was a total DIY project, I designed both the pattern and the print and then constructed the shorts – and what a thrill it is to fully realize one’s vision this way! Sometimes we as sewists need to remind us ourselves that we have a superpower that many are in awe of – that we can envision a garment and then make it happen. Instead of spending…

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Made by me, Sewing activewear, Video

Video: Fall makes: Sewing a 4-piece activewear collection

After some serious work and skill improvement sessions, I can finally reveal my latest makes – a four-piece activewear collection. Two tops and two bottoms. All four patterns I drafted myself, the tops were first attempts and there is some room for improvement for sure, I will label these my wearable muslins. My leggings pattern block, on the other hand, is something I’ve spent several years tweaking and I’m finally super happy about how they fit and look! Again there…

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