Sewing knits, work in progress

Next up: Crew neck cardigan


Sewing cardigans is fun, and can be challenging too, since the process is so different from knitted cardigans. So that’s why I’m intrigued whenever I see a RTW cardigan that is sewn together using regular fabrics. Like this cardigan from People Tree that is actually made using regular fabric. In an older post I did some reverse engineering of this cardigan and made some illustrations to show how it’s constructed. So I thought I should share them again to show how a cardigan…

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Video, work in progress

Video: Sewing wardrobe staples using organic fabrics


Basic clothes doesn’t entice me when I’m looking for new patterns to make as I’m always looking for a challenge! But I do like to wear timeless, classic garments, especially if they are made with quality materials. So there is a gap in my wardrobe that I’ll try to mend with my latest project – sewing a capsule wardrobe using some nice (and organic) materials. In this video I give you the low down of those plans and the inspirations behind them.…

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Made by me

Striped workout top

Striped workout_1_top

I had originally planned to take a sewing hiatus over the holidays and focus the extra time on life stuff and some less enticing sewing related things, such as to clear out my fabric and patterns stash, among other things. Ah the plight of keeping things (and our lives) in order, it just never ends does it? But of course I found some fabric scraps that I could turn into another version of my workout top pattern, so, well, the…

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Made by me, Patterns

Clothes I sewed in 2016: July to September


So let’s take a look what went on during the second part of 2016. In July I had my summer vacation and I spent A LOT of time in front of my sewing machines during the summer. One of those projects was the romper my youngest kid Anja wanted and she came up with a very specific idea. I ended up mixing four (or was it five?) different patterns to make her vision came through. After a false start, where I…

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Sewing knits, Tutorials, Video

Video: How to hem knits with a regular sewing machine


In this video sewing tutorial I share eight tips on how to hem knits on a regular sewing machine, going through everything from how to keep the fabric from stretching out and getting wobbly to how to sew curved hems and avoid skipped stitches. Some suggestions might sound a bit crazy, but they all work, and often times I find a combination of several tricks and hacks will produce the best result when hemming stretchy knits on a sewing machine. Apart…

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Made by me, Sewing knits, Tutorials

How to sew mittens using a recycled sweater


Here comes a step by step guide on how to sew mittens using a recycled wool sweater dress and a pattern from Danish pattern magazine Alt om Håndarbejde. Though any mitten pattern will work of course! I was really excited to try this project as I love wool mittens and try to snag them at Christmas fairs where you can usually buy lovely hand knitted mittens and socks. But I also have a tendency to loose those precious mittens and since I’m…

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Made by me, Sewing activewear

Workout tank top with a built in bra

Workout tank top

The last piece of my workout wardrobe was a tank top with a built in bra. This pattern is my own design and I won’t lie, I’m pretty chuffed about this top! It’s the same pattern that I used for my yoga top, but this time I used wickaway fabrics and not modal. The shell is attached to the built in bra using fold-over elastic. In the back the mesh inserts keeps my back cool. I think this top is the…

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Made by me, Magazine madness, Video

Video: Best of Burdastyle magazine


Happy New Year! I’ll celebrate that with an entire video devoted to my favorite Burdastyle magazine makes! Pretty much all my sewing patterns during the 80’s and 90’s came from German pattern magazines so they have a very special place in my heart. The styles were often more much on trend compared to the offerings of pattern companies available in Sweden at the time and the magazines were also dirt cheap, especially if I could score them in second-hand stores. Hence why…

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Made by me, outfit

Clothes I sewed in 2016: April to June


It’s the last days of this year so I thought I should do yet another installment on the garments I made in 2016. You’ll find January to March here. As for April it was apparently all about lounge wear. My first project was Burdastyle high collar sweater from issue 02/2016 model 121. This pattern is for tall folks and I am petite so it was a bit of a work altering the pattern to my size. But the biggest challenge…

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Made by me, Sewing activewear

A DIY running t-shirt


So it’s time talk about my DIY running t-shirt that I made as part of my ultimate workout wardrobe. I have never owned a ready to wear sports t-shirt that I liked, mostly because it is either too tight so that it rides up all the way to my waist, exposing my tummy in the process, which no fun! Or it is too big and boxy on my short body, which I don’t like either.  So I wanted to make…

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