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5 tutorials on sewing with knits

In the spirit of Sundays upcoming liveshow about sewing with knits, I decided to compile five personal favorites among the tutorials on sewing with knits that I’ve done over the years. So here goes in no particular order! Three ways to attach stretch lace In this tutorial, I test three different ways to attach stretch lace (zigzag, coverstitch and serger flatlock) to see which method(s) that works the best. Attaching a neckline band to knit tops This was one of…

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Sewing knits, Video

Live chat on Sunday: Sewing with knits

My first livestream on YouTube was so much fun, I loved chatting with you guys! So I’m gonna brave it again this Sunday and the topic I’ve chosen is one of my fave sewing things – namely sewing with knits. Topics I want to discuss in the chat ■ Is a regular sewing machine enough when sewing with knits?  ■ Using a walking foot when sewing knits, yay or nay? Zede and Mallory of Sewing Out Loud have done a very interesting…

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Video: Sewing room tour

Let’s take a look at my new upgraded sewing room. Or my sewing corner to be exact – I’m still sewing in the living room. But as you can see I’m able to pack a lot of sewing things into that corner of the living room. The backstory to my expansion is that we made a switcheroo in August which let me have a larger portion of the living room dedicated to my sewing. So if you are curious about…

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Sewing activewear, Tutorials

8 tutorials on how to sew your own activewear

sewing activewear

Over the years I’ve done a fair bit of tutorials on how to sew your own activewear. As with most of my tutorials, I try to show techniques that are not already available on tons of other sewing blogs or in pattern instructions. And most of them are the result of a lot trial and errors and examining ready to wear activewear to see if I can mimic some of the techniques. So let’s take a look at some of…

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Life of Johanna

September Sewing Bits

After a warm late August, fall is kinda in the air here in Sweden, with colder mornings and more rain! But it’s also a very nice season and often the start of new exciting things. So let’s take a look at what’s currently going on in my sewing life: Book progress Thank you for everyone’s support and well wishes on my Sewing Activewear book project! It really encourages me to get this book finished in a timely manner. Writing a…

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Video: How to secure the threads on a coverstitch machine

If you don’t secure the thread ends when sewing on a coverstitch machine, they will unravel faster than you can say “now where did I put my scissors?” This phenomenon is one of the reasons sewing on a coverstitch machine is so different from using a regular sewing machine. I’ve talked about how to secure coverstitch seams and threads a bit in some of my previous coverstitch videos, but I figured it would be a good idea to compile all the…

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