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Sewing things that I should remember, but I just can’t

When you repeat things enough times, they should become second nature, right? But truth to be told, I still struggle to remember some very rudimentary sewing things. Perhaps those are related to my struggles with telling left from right. Or perhaps I just need to be more mindful of what I do? So here goes – a list of sewing things I can never remember!     Should the upper thread run on the inside or the outside on a regular…

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Book reviews, Patterns

Book review: Pants for real people by Palmer and Alto

Every time I try sewing up a new pants pattern it’s a scary process. Sewing trousers is hard. Period. That said understanding the fit process is a good step in the right direction. And once you figured out a few key stuff, such as the crotch shape and length, the waist and getting a good fit around the hips and thighs, you’ll end up with trousers that will fit way better than store bought ones, even though they might not be…

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Video: Avoid skipped stitches and troubleshoot your coverstitch machine

Skipped stitches, wonky tension and unravelling seams are common occurrences for many coverstitch users. Sometimes it’s the machine, but often it’s the setup that is faulty. In this video coverstitch tutorial I share my top 10 troubleshooting tips for coverstitching – i.e. things I learned the hard way. Many coverstitching machines are moody buggers that needs very precise handling, at least on more challenging fabrics, and I think this is where it gets hairy for a lot of people, including…

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Life of Johanna

Sewing bits August

Progress report: My sewing activewear book I spent a good chunk of my vacation working on my book about sewing activewear and I’m happy to report that it’s starting to come together. Granted, there are still lots of stuff that needs to done and content to be added, but I’m finally seeing some tangible progress which feels very encouraging. Above you can see a mock-up, initially it will be an e-book , but I’m taking no short-cuts with the content…

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Five sewing things I want for my birthday

Tomorrow is my birthday and last year I actually bought a sewing birthday present for myself, a pair of Kai Scissors (love ’em!). That got me thinking I should do a dreamy wish list on the sewing related things I currently crave. So here goes! A bra making class with Beverly Johnson I just interviewed her for my book about sewing activewear (she gives some excellent advice on sports bra making) and I would love to get an in-person class…

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Video: Tips on how to create sewing content

Creating content around sewing comes in many forms these days, it can be everything from a short post in a Facebook sewing group or a pic on Instagram to long form blog tutorials, a vlog or even a podcast. But finding ideas to share is not always easy, especially for those of us who don’t sew tons of garments each month. So I decided to a video about sewing content creation on different platforms and give loads of concrete actionable content ideas.…

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