Live on Sunday: Great sewing tools that won’t break the bank

- Tools, Video

It’s time for another livestream Sunday. And the topic I’ve chosen this time is budget-friendly sewing tools, great for x-mas stocking stuffers if you do that sort of thing! So I would love if you could stop by and share your favourite budget-friendly sewing tools so that we can create a collective wishlist! I will, of course, share my tips too, and as a bonus show you all the little sewing helpers I create out of paperboard! Plus a little book…

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And the cover of my upcoming book will be…

- Sewing activewear

Yes, I have processed all your feedback and reached a decision. But before I show you my final version; I want to say a big thank you to everyone who chimed in on which cover you prefer. I got over 100 comments on my various channels, that’s a lot of feedback to process! And boy did your feedback set my mind in motion! My head was spinning all Sunday evening, in fact, it took a while to fall asleep since…

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Help me pick a cover for my book Sewing Activewear

- Sewing activewear, Video

In December my first sewing book will be published (unless something unforeseen happens). Yay for that! But there are still several things remaining before I can press publish, such as deciding on the book cover. So I figured I should reach out to you guys and ask for your input. I’ve done three different versions and what I would like to know is which one you prefer? And if you could give a motivation and perhaps suggestions on how to…

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Some of my favourite Burdastyle patterns

- Made by me

If you have followed this blog for a while or watched my YouTube-channel, you know I’m a total Burdastyle fangirl. I hope I don’t come off as super boring in my pattern choices as I don’t venture out to a lot of indie designers (love them, but when it comes to the actual patterns, they are usually not my cup of tea) or try whatever current, buzzed about, pattern. With Burdastyle I know what I get; great fit (for me), high-level designs…

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Inspiration for a custom printed skirt

- Inspiration

One thing on my sewing bucket list is to make a custom print skirt. In my Pinterest folder, I have collected some of the best ones I’ve seen in RTW so I figured we should take a look some fabulous skirts! This is a skirt I’ve had in my inspiration folder for a long time – it’s from Anthropologie and I love the naïve art inspired print. Another skirt that is almost like a painting, such wonderful depth of colours. This…

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Video:10 things to know when sewing knits

- Sewing knits, Tutorials, Video

Today’s video is kinda like a best-of video where I share my top 10 tips for sewing with knits. It’s mostly geared towards beginners, but as I say in the video, it’s sometimes easy to forget the basics when we get caught up in a project and just want to get it done! Some of the tips I’ve shared in previous videos and some are new additions. I get a lot of questions about sewing with knits and requests for…

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