About Johanna and The Last Stitch

About The Last Stitch

The Last Stitch is a sewing media company dedicated to teaching you professional skills in a non-intimidating and encouraging manner. 

We produce sewing books, sewing patterns and tutorials aiming to share the best practices and demystifying the tricky bits,  while also keeping it fun! 

Because we believe that sewing is an amazing craft that can empower us in so many ways. 

Plus it’s a lifetime skill that will keep on giving forever. 

A sewing mistake is the ultimate learning opportunity


Meet Johanna

Hello! I’m Johanna Lundström the founder of The Last Stitch. 

I’m a Swedish long-time sewist, in fact making clothes has been an obsession of mine since I was 11 years old. And the magic of turning an idea into a finished garment never gets old to me

I now have over 30 years of sewing experience and each new project I take on means a new learning opportunity. 

I also believe in learning from our mistakes and live to tell about it, so that we can all learn from each other! 

My background is in communication and design, and now I apply those skills to share my sewing knowledge in an easy-to-understand, encouraging and visually driven manner

My biggest motivator to keep creating sewing content is to hear from you. Reading your thoughtful comments and suggestions, getting some fantastic tips, and the best feeling of all, hearing you say that you have found my sewing advice helpful. 

So let’s keep in touch!


Preparation, Practise and Patience are the three Ps of successful sewing


Check twice or rip later


When in doubt, take a break and have a snack

A couture garment was not made in one day.
Every great achievement takes time and should not be rushed

Remember that we are all in this together <3


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