Live on Sunday: How to pick the right fabric

- Fabrics, Video

Time for another livestream on YouTube. And this time I will talk about one of my all-time favourite sewing topics, namely textile science and how to pick the right fabric for any project. TOPICS I PLAN TO COVER IN THE LIVESTREAM Fabric weights and drape How to tell if a fabric is of poor quality or good? Why both stretch and recovery matters when sewing with knits Nature vs man-made fibres. Pros and cons Altering patterns for different types of…

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Tailored jacket update

- work in progress

So let’s take a look at the progress of my tailored Burdastyle jacket. I’ve been working on it for a couple of weekends now, and as you probably already have guessed it is a slow process. For instance, it literally took me an entire evening just to sew one pocket! I have not set a deadline for the project but it would be lovely if I could finish it before April is in full swing since I have other projects…

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Video: Cheap sewing supplies, stay-stitching & better sewing skills

- Video

Hey, it’s time for another Q&A video where I answer your questions! As always I got some fantastic questions that really had me thinking. Enjoy! Topics covered in this Q&A: Are there instances when one can skip stay-stitching? Tips on making ones sewing more professional? What do I buy cheap, what do I spend more money on? Videos mentioned Better sewing skills and less mistakes  Sewing jeans pockets – The best pro trick Other stuff I talk about in the…

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Life of a sewing blogger (I’m turning 10 this year!)

- Life of Johanna

This year marks the 10 year anniversary of my blog (hooray!) so I figured I should do a little blog related post with some throwback pics. Having a blog does make you aware of how time passes and life changes. Why I started blogging I was an early adopter of the sewing interwebs (I began in 2003) and around 2005 it seemed like everyone was starting a sewing blog. But I held it off initially since I was spending my…

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Burdastyle voile blouse

- Made by me, My makes

So here is my finished cotton voile blouse, that I sewed as part of my winter plan. The pattern is from Burdastyle’s 2013 June issue and it is the fourth time I sew this pattern, but this pattern has so many variations (including a shirt dress) so you would never guess it’s the same pattern. This time I did the mandarin collar version and now I ask myself why I don’t sew standing collars more often, they are are stylish and…

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Video: Five things I love about sewing

- Life of Johanna, Video

Sewing is full of both highs and lows, and in this video, I talk about five things I love about sewing, as a counterpart to my video Not everything about sewing is fun. For that video, I got a question in the comment section about the things I love about sewing, which inspired me to make today’s video. By the way, I get so many ideas for new content from the comments you make on my various channels. We all…

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