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How to sew a beanie using a sweater

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Did you know that you can turn old sweaters into really cool knit hats? In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to sew a knit hat beanie using a sweater. And I can pretty much guarantee that everyone will think you knitted the hat! This is a great upcycle/refashion project that can be done in a myriad of ways. I personally love turning old cable knitted menswear sweaters into hats, and cotton sweaters work just as well as wool in case you…

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Out now: My winter accessories sewing pattern line

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Let me introduce my first sewing pattern line, a range of winter accessories that will keep you warm all winter and requires no knitting. I think you’ll love how gratifying these patterns are to make. And great for handmade gifts too!   Brisa Beanie Inspired by the classic watch cap, this close-fitting beanie will keep you both warm and stylish. Sew double-layer using a nice sweater rib knit or why not upcycle an old sweater and use the waist ribbing…

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October sewing bits

- Sewing bits

I can’t believe it was over a month since I wrote my September sewing bits, which probably says a lot on what a whirlwind September was. Back then I talked about my jeans sewing burn-out, which I’m still feeling the effects of. The finishing of the jeans is currently on the backburner, since I decided to not spread myself even thinner and instead focus on two larger projects.   My winter accessories sewing pattern collection is out October 16! Yep,…

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Interview: Pati Palmer – fitting expert

- Interviews

  Here is the interview I did in my September with one of my sewing heroes, Pati Palmer, who with her co-author Marta Alto, who has been a huge influence on my sewing journey, both when it comes to learning proper sewing techniques and understanding fit. Pati Palmer and Marta Alto Their books Fit For Real People and Pants For Real People are those I reach for every time I’m making a new pattern and I also love their books on sergers. Now they have published a…

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Video: Help me solve these sewing frustrations!

- Video

 Today’s video is basically a cry for help! I have a few things that irk me every time I sew, but I still haven’t figure out solutions for them. So instead of keeping my frustrations inside, I figured I should reach out to guys instead and ask for help. And I’m probably not alone in having these (seemingly) small issues. So hopefully this video can help others too! So if you have any suggestions, I’d love to know. And…

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Coming soon: Sewing patterns when you don’t feel like knitting

- Patterns

In early September I hinted about a project that I was working on, but that I was unsure if I would be able to pull off in a timely manner. Well, somehow, I found the energy to go all in on this (seemingly) small project and now I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and feel ready to share it with you. So what is it then, you may ask? Enter a (small) drumroll…it’s a…

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