Live on Sunday: Sewing jeans

- Video

Tune in for Sunday’s live stream on YouTube! This time I’m talking about all things jeans-making, which is a topic I am very interested in. Especially how we home sewists can recreate industrial finishing. Hopefully, I can also show you some freshly purchased denim from Copenhagen, as I’m going there this weekend and finding good quality jeans fabric is nearly impossible in Sweden. I hate hate hate the generic, low quality, jeans fabric they try to sell us in many…

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Video: Feeling self-conscious about my sewing

- Life of Johanna, Video

 Have you ever compared to yourself to other sewists, or perhaps felt self-conscious about something you made or your technical skills? I suffer from those emotions from time to time, and in this video, I address five things I feel self-conscious about. I recorded this video this morning, and as you can probably tell, I’m nursing a cold—my voice gets really low-pitched when I do. And I wasn’t feeling any of my planned video topics this weekend since I always…

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20 ways to organise sewing patterns: Your best tips

- Patterns, Sewing space

Last Sunday I posted a video about how I store my sewing patterns, and in the comment sections on YouTube and on the blog, I got so many amazing pattern organising tips from you guys. This is the sort of high quality information that should not be hidden in comment sections, so I figured I might as well do a blog post sharing the tips. So here goes!   Organising sewing patterns 📁 Rather than organizing the patterns by the manufacturer,…

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June sewing bits

- Life of Johanna

Stella’s graduation My eldest daughter has now graduated from the Swedish equivalent of high school, and as I’ve talked about before I made Stella’s graduation dress. It was a big day for her and I felt very honoured that she wanted me to make the dress. It was a beautiful day that I nearly missed since I got stuck at various European airports on my way back from Barcelona due to fog. I won’t bore you with all the details, but…

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Video: How I store my sewing patterns

- Patterns, Video

An honest look into the, somewhat messy, way I store my various types of sewing patterns. Including how I sort my sewing pattern envelopes, keep track of my traced pattern pieces, keep a tab on my large collection of pattern magazines and even some info on how I store my oak tag patterns. As I say in the video, this is not meant to be inspirational necessary, there are lots of room for improvement when it comes to my methods, …

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10 years of makes

- Made by me

I’ve been documenting my makes online since around 2005 and on this blog since 2008. Some of the oldest pics are sadly gone, but as I’m celebrating my 10 years blogging anniversary this year I figured I could at least do a retrospective with one make a year from 2008 to today. So here goes! 2008 For as long as I can remember I’ve liked sailor inspired outfits. Heck, I even remember saying that if I ever have children I…

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