Livestream on Sunday: Sewing Activewear

- Sewing activewear, Video

Yes, I’m finally doing another livestream again! This time I’ve picked a topic that is dear to my heart, namely sewing activewear! I’m planning to make the stream almost like a mini-course where I cover the basics, such as fabric choices, my thoughts on different seams, notions and tools, what patterns I like to use and some of my favourite techniques as well. Plus answer your questions in the chat, share tips and all that good stuff! Hope to see…

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On my sewing table: Burdastyle voile blouse

- work in progress

I’m currently working on garment number three of my winter wardrobe project. If I keep this speed up I might actually be able to finish before the winter is over! Luckily this project will work well for spring and summer too! This is the fourth time I’m making this blouse pattern. Here are the other versions: Silk blouse with piping, Seersucker shirt dress and Sateen blouse with puff sleeves. It’s a great little pattern with only bust darts for the blouse…

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Video: Sneak peek + ask me questions

- Video, work in progress

 I’m stoked to make another Q&A video again so if you have any questions just ask away in the comment section! Do you want to know more about any particular sewing method, sewing hates and loves, sewing content creation or perhaps something more personal? I’m all ears and I’ll do a video answering your questions. Also in the video you’ll get a little sneak peek of what I’ve made so far with my winter wardrobe plans.…

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Track pants inspired by Tory Burch Sport

- Made by me, Sewing activewear

I often look to ready-to-wear for inspiration for my makes and sometimes I simply copy a garment that I like. This was the case with these track pants that are heavily inspired by Tory Burch Sport Colour Block Track Pants. I adore her activewear look, with a lot of colour blocking and a heavy use of blues, white and reds. The brand has a distinct retro vibe too, which I’m all about. In fact I like to think that almost…

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Clover Chaco Liner Pen– a review

- Tools

I’m constantly on the lookout for better marking tools since I feel the ones that are readily available all have their shortcomings  Hence why I was curious to try out Clover Chaco Liner Pen that was recommended to me during my livestream Budget Friendly Sewing Tools. The Clover Chaco Liner Pen feels like a combo of two common fabric tracing tools; a dressmaker’s tracing pen and a tracing wheel. The pen has a refillable ampule with tailor’s chalk and a tapered and thin…

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Video: Winter workout wardrobe

- Made by me, Video

 My latest makes: I have been sewing a mini workout winter wardrobe over the holidays, perfect now that the weather hit sub-zero Celsius this weekend. The wardrobe is very streamlined in colour as you will see in the video. Basically only three colours, but it’s was nice to make something in a more classic style. I do love my prints, but I’m also very fond of navy and white. Things mentioned in the video How to perfect the 3-thread…

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