My vintage sewing patterns collection

- Patterns

I’m not a huge collector of vintage patterns, but if I’m in a vintage charity shop and find something I like, that is in my size, I will probably buy the pattern. Which happens like once a year or so! So let’s take a look at my small, but highly curated (heh!) collection of vintage sewing patterns. This is my latest purchase, a nightgown pattern from the 60’s by the Swedish legendary pattern company Stil (who sadly folded in the 90’s). I…

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Live on Sunday: All about tailoring!

- Made by me

Want to know more about my adventures in tailoring and hopefully learn a few things too? Then join me on Sunday for a livestream about tailoring, based on my jacket project, plus a lot of other things that I’ve learned along the way. Topics I plan to cover: Modern vs old-school tailoring Hand-sewing vs doing it all on the machine Lessons that I learned during the process Pressing wool Why we should learn how to bag our jackets Tips I…

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Video: My top five sewing tips for beginners

- Video

Sewing our own clothes are super fun and rewarding, but it’s not always easy. I think many of us started out with a pretty high rate of unwearables when we first began making our own clothes. I think mine was like 40%, lol! Hence why I decided to make this video where I share some of the best practices that I think are essential to a good end result and to avoid disappointments. Of course, I’m barely scraping the surface here and…

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I’m writing another book!

- Coverstitch, Life of Johanna

As I alluded to last year I have several more book ideas mulling in my head, and the common thread (!) is that they all cover topics that I think are underserved among the current roster of sewing books. And the topic I have decided to dive into first is…taadaa…COVERSTITCHING. Yes, I will write an entire book about how to master coverstitching. I already have plenty of information in my book Sewing Activewear about coverstitching, but there is so much more information…

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My Burdastyle tailored jacket

- Made by me, My makes
Burdastyle double breasted jacket August 2017

So let’s take a look at the tailored jacket that I spent a large chunk of March making. This jacket was the main reason I bought the August 2017 issue, I’ve been searching for ages for a jacket like this, both as a sewing pattern an in RTW. So it was like Burda had gotten into my head and scanned my mind. Also, I thought the pattern would be a great introduction into the world of more deliberate tailoring techniques…

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Video: How I made a tailored jacket

- Made by me, Video

So what is it really like to make a tailored jacket when one does have minimal experience in the area? Well, in today’s video I share all the nitty gritty behind-the-scenes stuff, including the emotional roller-coaster I was on at times, with some self-doubt and mishaps. I hope you enjoy this longer format video, it is similar to my wrap-dress video, i.e. partly an instructional sewing tutorial and partly a raw honest sewing vlog. I should also say that in…

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