Video: Altering sewing patterns for a petite body

- Tutorials, Video

So what to do when parts of your body are shorter than the body type the sewing pattern is drafted for? In this video, I go through all the things one needs to consider when shortening a pattern, including the steps I take myself when doing petite alterations. Some key petite altering takeaways Don’t shorten at the hem, unless the garment has straight side seams. Find out exactly where you are shorter, don’t just rely on the fold-lines on the…

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September sewing bits

- Life of Johanna, Made by me

I’m suffering a jeans-making burnout Yes, just as I predicted, making two pairs of jeans at the same time has led to some serious sewing exhaustion. I’m at the point where I can only muster working on them once a week, so I will not be done with my two pairs until the end of September. Maybe I was wrong in making the decision to batch? On the other hand, I’m getting pretty good with some of the techniques and…

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Sewing saturday: One photo per hour (almost)

- Life of Johanna

So what exactly does a (weekend) day in my life looks like? And how do I fit in things like sewing and exercise? Well in today’s blog post I take you along my day and documenting it to my best ability. So let’s go! 8:00 Good morning! I usually don’t set the alarm on weekends but I still wake up relatively early. I’m wearing an old Burdastyle silk/rayon jersey top, I always wear loungewear when I’m home, as I need…

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Video: Coverstitch buyer’s guide

- Coverstitch, Video

 A coverstitch machine will be a very useful addition to your sewing machine collection. Or perhaps you already own one, but are considering an upgrade? Regardless of your situation, there are several factors to consider when buying a coverstitch machine.   So in this video, I go through all the things one need to know before making a purchase, including the different types of coverstitch machines that are available on the domestic market and what questions you should ask…

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How to sew perfect topstitching

- The jeans project, Tutorials

Topstitching can be kinda tricky to perfect, especially since the stitching is so visible. So this is definitely an area where it is easy to become a bit obsessive. But there are actually quite a few tricks to master this technique and once you apply these, there is really no reason why your topstitching won’t look beautiful (unless your machine is kinda lousy or needs service, more about that below).  So let’s get to it!   7 steps to successful…

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Jeans progress report

- The jeans project, work in progress

So I have been slowly working on two pairs of jeans for several weeks now. I’m still far from finished, but I thought it would be fun to share some progress pics and talk a bit about some of the techniques I’m using. Topstitching. I have heavy thread in the spool and regular sewing thread in the bobbin, this prevents jammed thread and gives a better-looking stitch. The thread I’m using is Guterman Extra Strong, colour 986, it has a…

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