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Building my own sewing cutting table using Ikea shelves

Last week I finally finished my new sewing corner and my custom built cutting table. Seriously it was a lot of work and by the end of it I was beginning to experience stress related symptoms, probably because all I did was work at my day job and working on the remodeling every “free” minute. That is the reality behind many of the Pinterest friendly images I’m sure, at least that was my experience. So here goes. First a little…

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Video: Sewing a stash busting spring wardrobe

Planning new projects is one of the best things about sewing, do you agree with me? Because the planning is always fun and exciting to me, but sewing, well, not always. Sometimes when I’m stuck with something difficult or tedious I wish I had access to little minions that would help me finish up things. But then again, I’m a total control freak when it comes to sewing. Plus to be honest, I also kinda enjoy the suffering that comes…

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Round neck cardigan sewing patterns

There are quite a few cardigan sewing patterns out there these days, but not many patterns for sewing sweater sets and classic crew neck cardigans, that are not v-neck. So I figured I should do a round-up post with with the round neck cardigan sewing patterns that I have found. Lisbon cardigan by Itch to Stitch I love the classic look of this cardigan and it offers a great template for many variations such as contrasting ribbing and lace front pieces.  …

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Rib knit mock turtle neck top – inspired by Audrey Hepburn

So here is my beatnik/Audrey Hepburn inspired mock turtle neck sweater. I wanted something with a distinct retro vibe to make it more interesting and less generic compared to a regular black turtle neck. I also wanted the top to be fitted but not super tight. I love when knitted tops shows some curves so I always taper my patterns at the waist. The fabric is an organic cotton/wool mix from Danish vendor Stoff & Stil. No itch whatsoever, but…

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Video: Tracing Burdastyle patterns – How to master it

Feel intimidatd by Burdastyle’s pattern sheets and wonder how us pattern magazines fans do it without losing our minds? Then then this video tutorial about tracing Burdastyle patterns is for you! In it I explain all the nuts and bolts of how it works. Plus give you tips on paper, pens and show you some hacks that will make adding  seam allowance both easier and quicker. In my Burdastyle pattern tracing tutorial I talk about A really good and cheap tracing…

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Retro looking striped polo shirt

Polo shirts for the win! This one is definitely a new favorite in my wardrobe and hopefully I can do a few more in the future as well. This ones feels so me, casual, but with a retro flair. I used an organic cotton rib knit from Stoff & Stil that was actually easier to work with than I had anticipated – I suspect the 5% lycra content makes all the difference. The bodice is drafted from fitted knit top…

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Life of Johanna

Sewing bits and pieces March

I’m building a cutting table using Ikea shelves I’m expanding my sewing area! All my sewing happens in a crowded corner in the living room. Such are the conditions when you are a four person family living in a two bedroom apartment. However, our oldest daughter has now moved out and we came up with some nifty solutions that will give all three of us remaining some extra space. In my case this means I can get a corner for…

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Video: My finished Spoonflower workout set

In this sewing vlog I talk all about my workout set that I made from Spoonflower’s custom print sports lycra knit using my blog logo. How the fabric holds up in the gym, the colour fastness and also you can see how the white cast from the fabric looks like up close and decide if that is something you can dig or not. Also more chat about all the alterations I did on the Burdastyle workout tank top and why…

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Sewing activewear, work in progress

Next up: Knock-off leggings for Anja

With me and my children it’s a bit of cobbler’s children situation going on. Once in a while ask they me to make something for them, which makes me excited because I like making stuff for them and am also flattered that they appreciate my craft, even though they are teenagers with very specific tastes. However those projects have a tendency to be postponed for what seems like an infinity as I tend to put myself first when it comes to sewing. But a…

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My Spoonflower print Sloan leggings

Remember when I purchased sports lycra from Spoonflower with my blog logo printed on it? Well the other half of that fabric (I only bought 1 meter) has now been turned into a pair of leggings! The pattern I used was Sloan leggings from Hey June. It is a super simple pattern that can be done with just an inseam, but there is also an optional waist pocket and a colour block version as well. The reason I tried the Sloan…

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