master the coverstitch machine front cover

Master the coverstitch machine

The complete coverstitch sewing guide
(out March 19, 2019)

Get ready to take your coverstitch machine skills to the next level! Learn all the necessary techniques you need in order to create professional-looking garments that will rival ready-to-wear.
Master the Coverstitch Machine will guide you through the best practices needed for successful coverstitching, with easy to understand, illustrated, step-by-step instructions.

162 pages

Hem garments like a pro

Learn all the professional hemming techniques with detailed, illustrated instructions.

Binding, ribbing and other neckline finishes

Half a dozen fully illustrated step-by-step tutorials for how to finish necklines and sleeve openings with a coverstitch machine.

Troubleshooting guides

Learn how to troubleshoot and fix coverstitch issues

Jeans making techniques

Tutorials on how to sew jeans using your coverstitch machine using garment industry techniques.

Techniques for swimwear, activewear and underwear

Comprehensive coverstitch tutorials for a result that will rival ready-to-wear.

Coverstitch buyer's guide

How to buy the coverstitch machine that best fits your needs.

Attachments and accessories

How to use different presser feet, attachments and other accessories for maximum results

Stitch decorative seams

Learn how to use the coverstitch machine to create beautiful decorative stitching, including reverse coverstitching and mock flat-lock seams.

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master the coverstitch machine front cover

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Content: Master the Coverstitch Machine

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Coverstitch models • Coverstitch buyer’s guide • Parts of a coverstitch • Coverstitch maintenance

Machine accessories • Speciality presser feet • Coverstitch attachments • Needles • Thread

Set-up and seams
Threading the machine • Coverstitch settings • Coverstitch seams • Coverstitch tension guide • Troubleshooting guide  

Hemming: In the round • Hemming: Flat assembly • Securing the seams • How to remove a seam  • Stitched down seams • Reverse coverstitching  

Projects (fully illustrated tutorials)
Attaching stretch lace • Fold-over elastic • Elastic openings • Lingerie elastic • Folded and stitched neckline • Binding methods with and without an attachment • Belt loops  • Chainstitched jeans hem • Ribbing cuffs and neckband • Sweatshirt V-applique  • Decorative side pocket  

Expert interviews
Gail Patrice Yellen • Kicci Johansson • Yvonne Karlsson  •  Industrial coverstitch operators Oili Saikkonen and Jasna Caktas

About the author

Johanna Lundström is a sewing veteran whose specialities includes sewing knits and activewear. Previous books include Sewing Activewear: How to make your own professional-looking athletic wear and she also has a popular sewing YouTube-channel. Learn more about Johanna at