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How to make a detachable lace collar



Using just a regular shirt collar pattern with a stand and some lace and pearls you can easily make a detachable collar that looks elaborate, but can be made in just a few hours. I made this collar for my red dress as I wanted an detachable collar to make the dress more versatile. And this collar could be used for many different purposes, for instance just to spice up a regular crew neck sweater.


To make a detachable collar you’ll need

A shirt collar pattern with a separate stand (I just used a regular collar pattern for shirts).

  • Sturdy lace that you can easily trim (I recommend guipure lace)
  • Shirting fabric (I used a stiff silk fabric, but cotton or poly/cotton will work well too)
  • Fusible interfacing (one thinner and one stiffer. I recommend Vlieseline H250 and H180)
  • Metal snaps and/or buttons
  • Pearls (optional)

How to make a detachable collar

1. Adjust the lace so that it matches the collar pattern

Place the lace on top of the pattern piece to figure out the best placement. The upper edges will be sewn into the collar stand and the side and lower edges will be exposed.

How to make a detachable collar


2. Trim the edges of the lace to create a scallop edge in the front

Since the lace will be exposed in the front as well I cut along the lace flowers to create an scallop edge at the collar point, bobbin lace like guipure is very stable so it won’t fray.

How to make a detachable collar

How to make a detachable collar

How to make a detachable collar

3. If you can’t place the lace symmetrically split it in two parts

I basted the lace and then sewed along the edges with a tight zigzag stitch. As you can see the, the overlay is very discreet.


4. Interface the collar pieces

I interfaced the pieces in the following manner:

  • Under collar piece (Vlieseline H250)
  • Upper collar piece (no interfacing)
  • Outer collar stand ( Vlieseline H250)
  • Inner collar stand ( H180)


5. Sew the collar

I’m no expert on achieving collars with sharp points, but luckily the lace covers any imperfections!

How to make a detachable collar


6. Place the lace over the collar and baste and/or machine stitch it in place

Cut away any excess lace before you attach the collar to the collar stand. As an extra safety measure you can also sew the lace in place with a sewing machine.

How to make a detachable collar

7. Attach the collar to the collar stand

Just sew it all together like you would with a regular shirt collar


8. Close the collar stand by folding and pressing in the edges and top stitch around the entire stand



9. For a little extra glam you can also add pearls

I attached them with a needle and thicker thread.

How to make a detachable collar How to make a detachable collar
10. Add snaps or button holes for closure

I decided to do snaps and just a faux buttoning because I made the stand a bit small. However the snap I picked is too small I think, because I find it a bit fiddly to button the collar when the snap is so tiny!

11. Finished!

This is a simple project that looks quite intricate. The trick is to pick the right lace, but If you can’t find a lace that is easily trimmed you can just add the lace as an extra layer to the upper collar and enclose the edges in the seams.
If I would do it again I would make collar a bit wider around the neck as it feels a tad bit constrictive with all the interfacing going on. Also it does move around a little, maybe that would be less of an issue if the collar is tucked into a sweater and such?  But all in all I’m very happy about how it turned out.
If you want a detachable pearl collar that is more intricate and doesn’t have stand, check out Megan Nielsen’s tutorial DIY beaded scallop edge detachable collar

How to make a detachable collar A sewing tutorial


  • Lynsey
    December 23, 2016 at 9:01 am

    Love this lace collar, such a wonderful idea both the lace detail and that is detachable, so clear and easy to follow, thank you.

    • Johanna
      December 25, 2016 at 2:39 pm

      Thank you! The best compliment I can get is to hear that a tutorial is easy to follow. Explaining sewing in photos can be hard sometimes 🙂

  • Liz Ettles
    November 7, 2019 at 10:26 pm

    I will have to try this! Love it:) As you said it’s very versatile and I am thinking ahead madly to make a dusty pink one to go with all the grey I seem to wear most often – will still make black too – can’t go wrong with basic black – you may be able to tell I am very excited 😂😂😂


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