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Knit running hat

The Running Hat

Lately several of my sewing projects have been centred around keeping warm when exercising outdoors and when I’m running and biking I need something unobtrusive on my head that is warm, but not too warm. Hence why I drafted this knit hat pattern.  It covers the ears and the forehead nicely without being overpowering and this hat fits me better than any RTW-version I’ve ever tried.   too much coverage on the forehead since those caps tend to slip down towards the eyes.

I used the 3-thread serger flatlock seam to make the hat sit flat on the head and avoid any clunky seams. If you find the 3-thread flatlock seam a bit tricky to get right you can check out my tutorial How to perfect the 3-thread flatlock seam.  The fabric I used for the hat is wool jersey, so it is perfect for winter running!

The edges are covered with fold-over-elastic. I used a nice thin mesh FOE that I’ve found locally, it is really flat and looks great. If you want to know a bit more about how I sew fold-over-elastic you can check out my fold-over-elastic tutorial. I also have an entire chapter dedicated to how to work with fold-over-elastic in my book Sewing Activewear. It’s such a great notion that can be used for so many things.

Bike helmet cap

The Pattern

A couple of years ago, I made another version of this knit hat that I use underneath my bike helmet to keep warm. Also If you are (or want to become) a Modiste or Couturier Patreon, I’ve made this pattern available to you as a pdf download. It’s my first ever sewing pattern that I’ve made available to the public and I have plans to offer some more sewing patterns to my Patrons in the not so far future. (primarily accessories at this point)   It’s a nice way for me to ease into possible creating a sewing pattern line in future.

Me running in the snow last weekend, keeping warm in my hat and also wearing my Kwik Sew wool top and an old Burdastyle jacket. My half-marathon is now less than 4 months away and I’m currently training three times a week in order to make the race a reasonably pleasant experience!

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  • PsychicSewerKathleen
    January 30, 2018 at 5:51 pm

    Good for you Johanna! I did investigate more Kwik Sew patterns since you mentioned they were a good choice for active wear 🙂 I haven’t made up anything yet but its in my upcoming plans 🙂 I really like Jalie patterns the best though! I’ve been searching for a just the right swimsuit pattern and lo and behold (shouldn’t be a surprise!) I found it on Jalie’s site. It’s a ’94 pattern so it’s no longer available in print (only PDF) but a swimsuit shouldn’t be a huge amount of pages I wouldn’t think. My swimsuit is made of some special fiber that stands up better to chlorine in pools – I’ll have to see if I can find that then I’m determined to make my first swimsuit! I don’t have a terrible time with RTW ones but I’m tall and large breasted so they are often a little on the short side for me. I should be able to accomplish this with my coverstitch, serger and course on Craftsy by Beverly Johnson – swimsuit making 🙂 Love your running cap! It’s very stylish 🙂


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