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Using double sided tape for a neat waistband

Using Prym double sided tape for waistbands

A while ago I bought Prym Wonder Tape, which is a narrow double sided tape intended for keeping fabric in place while topstitching. Getting the inside of a a waistband looking as good as the outside is always a challenge for me so I bought the tape with that in mind. For my latest Anita jeans I gave the tape a try so I thought I should share how it works (I forgot to take photos during the actual jeans sewing, so the photos below are just an illustration of the principles).

Using Prym double sided tape for waistbands

  1. 1. First apply the double sided tape on the edge of fabric
  2. For the jeans waistband I prepped the fabric by sewing a narrow seam to use as a guide for the seam allowance and pressing. Then I added the tape.

Using Prym double sided tape for waistbands

2. Fold in the seam allowance

For the jeans I also did some basting just to make sure the waist band stayed put. The folding part was a little bit tricky as the double sided tape tended to get stuck in the wrong places, but it was easy to remove without ruining the glue.

Using Prym double sided tape for waistbands

Here is how the jeans waistband looks on the inside

I always use regular navy thread in the spool when stitching jeans as it gives the best looking result. As you can see the fold looks quite nice and even – definitely better than my waistbands normally would look like (I also interfaced the inner waistband with fusible).

Using Prym double sided tape for waistbands

I also used this double sided tape on my new Burdastyle swing shorts. Here I blind stitched the waist band and it worked nicely for that purpose too.

So to sum it up: I think using the Prym tape definitely can help with making waistbands looking neater.


  • Jen L
    July 28, 2016 at 2:44 pm

    I have a problem with getting the inside of waistbands to look neat as well. Lately I've been using petersham ribbon in place of straight waistbands, and then just stitching in the ditch. Otherwise I sometimes do old-fashioned basting in place. I think some part of the problem (for me) is that the curved section of the inner waistband can stretch out. Maybe tape will help with this – I'll give it a try!

    • Johanna
      August 4, 2016 at 5:34 pm

      Yes please do and report back if you like! I too have relied on basting (and even gluing) but now I think I like the wonder tape the best, because it's really slip proof. And yes the tape has a little "give" so for the jeans with the curved waist band it was supple enough to be shaped accordingly.

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