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Why wool tops with short sleeves makes totally sense to me

Blue and white puff sleeve blouse

Finding pure wool knits in Swedish fabric stores is such a rare thing, that every time I stumble on it I always by way to much as it may literally take years until it happens again. Don’t know why it is so unusual over here, it can’t be because it doesn’t sell, because these wool jerseys fly off the shelves. Of course, then afterwards I’m like “what do I do with 4 meters of offwhite wool jersey?”

This top is the result of one of those bulk buys – pure wool rib knit, even more versatile than jersey. And in two different colours no less! I did the pattern myself, using my block pattern for a form fitting jersey top.

Blue and white puff sleeve blouse

I have about five wool tops with short sleeves. I know it might sound weird to make short sleeves tops using wool fabrics, but in Sweden it makes sense – at least to me. Plus a thin wool knit is not all that warm and tends to last longer then a cotton or rayon jersey. I wear the tops as is or under a cardigan – and the wickaway aspect of wool makes them the perfect choice for when I’m biking to work during the winter.

Blue and white puff sleeve blouse

As for the itch factor, it obviously varies a lot from knit to knit. This particular rib is on the coarser side, but not so much that it bothers me. As for my wool knit stash, it is getting worryingly small and if anyone has good international source of not too pricey wool jerseys I would love to know.

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