Burda grey wrap tie top

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Burdastyle wrap tie top

Intrigued by complicated pattern techniques like those in the Pattern Magic books but too scared to make such garment without proper sewing instructions? Then this Burdastyle jersey top is a great starting point. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if the Burda team has poured over those books and decided to do something similar.

Burdastyle wrap tie top

Burdastyle wrap tie top

In short this could be described as a top with a built in scarf that you tie around your neck. What I love about this pattern is that while the front bodice looks a bit overwhelming and the instructions first seem a bit vague, it is actually quite simple to sew together. The scarf seam begins in the front darts then extends all the way to the end of the scarf. Once you get your head around that concept the assembly process is quite swift.

Burdastyle wrap tie top

The only thing I am not fully loving is the amount of ease it has. Compare to my normal fit preference this is like wearing something that is two sizes too big. I would have been happy with one size too big! But this is sill a great top, that I love wearing over skinny jeans or tucked in a skirt. You can read my more nitty gritty review of this top over at Pattern Review.

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