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A silk jersey top and an ode to loungewear

Burdastyle raglan top

The first thing I do when I get home from work is to get out of my office garbs and slip into something more comfortable. It’s a daily ritual the frees me from the pressure of work and just makes me more relaxed. Sometimes I make clothes for this particular purpose, like this silk/rayon knit top with mesh sleeves that is done with a pattern from Burdastyle magazine. But a lot of my “cosy wardrobe” consists of garments that are victims of denunciation, which is just a fancy way to describe messed up sewing projects that I deem not good enough to wear outside the house.

For instance I’ve made three attempts trying the emulate the classic Juicy Couture velour track pants, and all three just look weird in one way or another (waist too low, legs too short, too baggy around the hips, etc. etc). But they are great to wear lounging around the house, so not all was lost. Though I still dream of one day actually making the perfect pair of velour pants, but for now that project is on the back burner.

But back to this top, this is one of the projects I’m really happy about. As the knit is 50 percent silk it is super comfortable, so soft and just feels wonderful to wear. Good fabrics does make a huge difference, even when you’re just lounging around the house. This is actually my second attempt making this pattern. I did the first top in bamboo jersey, but I’m not a convert. Yes the fabric is soft, but it is brittle and pills, two things I don’t like as it shortens the life span of a garment considerably. Also it was super clingy and had hardly any stability, which kinda shows off everything on the body. Perhaps there are finer forms of bamboo jersey than the one I got, but for now I will stick to regular rayon or even better the Tencel version that is more friendly to the environment.

Burdastyle raglan top

Burdastyle raglan top

My review of the pattern.

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