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Burdastyle yoga top

Burdastyle yoga top

Burdastyle yoga top

Another blast from the Burdastyle past. This yoga top is from issue 11/2007 and I feel the style still looks current. Probably because the design is so simple. No bells and whistles. just a scoop neck in the front and crossover straps in the back. I did this charcoal version in 2012 and I still wear it to yoga every week. The fabric is a thicker rayon/lycra jersey, which tends to be quite rare. Most rayon jerseys are on the thinner side, but I prefer the firmer version, especially for figure hugging garments.

Burdastyle yoga top

Burdastyle yoga top

This red version I did earlier this year. It is a wickaway fabric from Rockywoods. If I remember it correctly the fabric is made from recycled polyester. It holds its shape really well, but I think the wicking properties could be better.  This pattern has a built in bra and as you can see it has some issues around the neckline on the red version, I think I stretched the bra too much when sewing, hence the drag lines.

I’ve been sewing a lot of activewear during the last few years and while I do it mostly for fun, I do think there is some economy to it too. For instance 2 yards of this Rockywoods wickaway yielded 3 different workout tops. Not bad methinks!

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    Petite Josette
    November 30, 2015 at 4:36 pm

    very nice! I have this issue of Bura, and I remember trying to make the pants and the wrap top years ago when I first started sewing. It was a huge mess, the knit that I used was stretching all over the place, major fail! But I,ve inspired me to look back at these patterns and maybe give it another go? I really like both colours too! thank you for sharing!

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