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Burdastyle polo shirt

Burdastyle Polo Shirt

Hey hoo! While I toil away on newer projects there is still a big backlog of garments that I’ve sewn during the last few years. This is one of them, a two color angora/rayon jersey top from a Burdastyle magazine from 2008. This pattern was the main reason I bought this issue, but it still took me 6 years to actually make the top. I love the design, it’s such a fun take on a classic polo shirt and the contrasting colors really makes the top stand out.

Burdastyle Polo Shirt

That said, I’m not 100 percent happy about the end result because of two things: The top is on the short side and tends to ride up, and if I don’t wear high waist pants or skirts I often find myself pulling the top down. An issue that is visible even on the model in the photo. It just ends at a bad point on the body, And I’m not sure a belt would help the situation!
Burdastyle sleeve detail

The second is all the ease in the sleeves, something Burda was notorious for in the past. This pattern is no exception, notice the unsightly gathers in the close-up. However this now seems to be a problem of the past, as the newer knit top patterns that I’ve done has no extra ease, thus making them much easier to assemble.

Burdastyle Polo Shirt

But these issues aside, this is still a great design that with some tweaking could be even better. My review.

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