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Global List of Denim Fabric Shops

List of denim fabric shops for sewing your own jeans

Looking for shops that sell denim fabrics for sewing your own jeans? To make the search easier I’ve compiled an international list of fabric shops that stocks a varied selection of denim fabric. Many of these shops also sell notions and tools for making jeans.

Note that this list is far from complete, it’s more like a start. If you have other suggestions on shops around the world that stocks denim fabrics, drop me a note in the comment section, so that we can create the most extensive denim fabric list on the Internet together!

This list is part of the resource companion for my book Sewing Jeans, where you’ll learn how to sew your own jeans from start to finish. The book also an entire chapter dedicated fabrics and how to pick the right denim for your project.

A majority of the shops listed here ship internationally.



Cloth House Studio
Stocks a nice range from classic indigo jeans denim to soft coloured denims, washed denim fabric and selvedge denim.

Merchant & Mills 
Good selection of denim fabrics, including some japanese denim, plus a few organic and recycled denim fabrics too. They also sell jeans notions and tools.

Croft Mill
Solid range of denim, such as broken twill, washed denim and several stretch denims in different weights and textures.   

Fabric Godmother
Sells denim fabrics in several different weights and blends, including some designer denim. Also has a dedicated section to jeans sewing notions.

The Denim Company
Specialises in navy blue fabrics, including denim. Also sells lots of jeans sewing notions.

Minerva Fabrics
Large range of denim and denim style fabrics, including some heavy weight denim.

Empress Mills
Fairly broad range of different types of denim fabric, including 


Dress Fabrics
Nice selection of denim in several weights, including several stretch denim options with different washes.


Stoff Kontor
Sells denim fabrics in several washes and colours, including a large range of stretch denim fabrics.

Stoffe Hemmers
Has denim fabrics in several different washes and textures, including a solid range of stretch denim. 


Stoff & Stil
Sells denim in several different washes and weights. A lot of the denim from Stoff and Stil tends to be on the lighter side though, so order a sample to make sure the fabric suits your project. 

Sonjas Eko Textil
Specialises in eco-friendlier fabrics, including denim in a few different weights. 

Sells a large range of surplus designer denim, including organic fabrics. Mostly geared towards the fashion industry though, with big minimums.  

På Skrå
Occasionally stock jeans fabrics from Swedish denim brands


Pronto Moda Tessutti
Mostly stretch denim fabrics with different fiber blends and washes. 


Rijs Textiles
Primarily medium and light weight denim in both darker and lighter washes.


Ma Petite Merceri
Stocks a diverse range of denim fabrics, including several versions that are produced in France. 

North America


Denver Fabrics
Very large selection of denim fabrics, including selvedge and designer denim at a low price per yard.

Britex Fabric
Great range of denim fabrics in many different styles and weights, including selvedge and designer denim. 

Hyde Park Denim
Denim wholesaler that also sells denim by the yard to home sewists. Nice range of weights and washes.

Nick Of Time Fabric
Large selection of stretch denim in many different washes, weights and colours.

Mood Fabrics
Sells a selection of designer denim fabrics from well known brands
Stocks a large range of Robert Kaufman denim fabrics and some designer denim too.  

Emma One Sock
Specialises in high-end denims from well known designers and mills, and usually have a selection of eco-friendler denim too. 


Black Bird Fabrics
Nice selection of denim, including Japanese denim and some hemp/cotton version too.

Closet Core Patterns
Sells notion kits for making your own jeans



Citron Jeans
Fantastic selection of high-quality denim fabrics, notions and tools. Unfortunately currently on hiatus due to Covid-related global shipping limitations. 

Australia and New Zealand


Tessuti Fabrics 
Good range of quality denim, including several eco-friendlier options such as organic cotton and hemp.

Sew Active Fabrics
Has a nice range of eco-friendler stretch denim fabrics, including tencel blends and recycled fibers.


  • Maeve Fanning
    October 13, 2020 at 4:15 pm

    Hi Johanna

    I have a good range of denims and notions available for jeans etc in my online shop in Ireland / Dress Fabrics

    Eagerly awaiting your book

    • Johanna Lundström
      October 13, 2020 at 9:29 pm

      Perfect, thank you! I’ve added your shop to the list now 🙂

  • Karin Mantefors
    October 15, 2020 at 8:47 pm

    Ohlssons usually have in the bins what I believe are G-Raw denim

  • Maeve
    October 17, 2020 at 10:24 am

    Thanks Johanna 😘😘

  • Bernie
    October 29, 2020 at 1:38 am

    None in New Zealand?


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