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Building my own plank headboard

I listened to a podcast recently that referred to a Marie Claire list of 10 things you must have in your home after 30. Number 5 is a headboard and a nice  mattress. We clearly have a case of arrested development here at casa Last Stitch, because we still don’t have great mattresses. But now we do have a headboard, even though I was 42 years old when it finally happened.

Once the issue of getting a headboard started to get pressing (yucky dirty white walls) I still couldn’t find something that looked appealing. I wanted a simple headboard, easy to clean and that still had some personality to it. Never a genius with nails and a hammer I first hesitated building it myself. But I couldn’t let go of the image of Jenny Gordy’s self built headboard. 

And the more I thought about I realized that this is a really simple DIY project. Basically I followed this tutorial and it took me just a few hours. The worst bit was actually buying the planks in one of those intimidating self service builder’s stores where I picked and sawed the lengths myself.

For the headboard I used plain pine wood planks that I glazed with an environment friendly teak stain.

Work in progress.

The end result. I have also started to make my own bedding, mostly from vintage linens and some fabric remnants. But more about that in another post.

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