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How I made my allsorts candy print

A while back I blogged about the liquorice allsorts dress that I made. Most of the candy print were created using colour blocking but I also did a print, which is the pink and black candy on the front bodice. It was a pretty straight forward process, much due to using stencil spray glue for the first time which really helped the stencil stay in place. The glue did however leave a tiny amount of residue which is visible when the print is viewed up close.

Basset All Sorts dress
Printing on fabric using stencils

Materials used

  • Pink and black fabric print color
  • Stencil spray glue (removable)
  • Carton material for creating the stencil (I used a cereal box)
  • Stencil sponge

Printing on fabric using stencils

Making the stencil

First I created the stencil on the cereal box, using on one small and one bigger plate as a guide.

Printing on fabric using stencils

Printing the pink circle

As fabric printing can be fickle I did the candy print on uncut fabric so that it wouldn’t cause me to much grief if the first printing run didn’t work out. Then I printed the pink circle ring, using the outer part of the cut-out and the smaller inner circle to create the ring shape.

Printing on fabric using stencils
Printing on fabric using stencils

I used a generous amount of paint to fully cover the fabric.

Printing on fabric using stencils
Printing on fabric using stencils

The black inner circle

Next step I forgot to take a photo of, but after the pink colour had dried I covered the pink circle with the bigger ring circle and then added a generous amount of black colour to the inner circle.

Basset All Sorts dress

Voila! The finished dress with the bodice candy print

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  • Michelle
    February 26, 2021 at 9:18 am

    Hi! How did this fare after washing?


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