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Fashion Inside Out
by Daniel Vosovic

Remember Daniel Vosovic? The young, soft spoken, drama free finalist in Project Runway season 2. He lost out to the more experienced Chloe Dao, but still made a lasting impression on many of us. After PR he has been working mostly behind the scenes, but I also think that he has released at least one collection under his own name. And in 2008 he also published the book Fashion Inside Out where he takes the readers on a tour through the many facets of the fashion world.

The basis of the book is his very enlightening interviews with fashion folks – ranging from designers and pattern makers to model bookers and fashion bloggers. Throughout the book Daniel Vosovic also shares his personal reflections and experiences on all things fashion. As a writer I have to take my hat off to Daniels efforts, he has a great, personable, writing style and does a good job with the interviews as well.  Plus the book is super lush to look at and even the cover is something of a treat to the senses – it feels like it’s made of velvet. 
There are also some how-tos in the book, like how you quickly make patterns from finished garments and the basics of draping. He also shares some interesting sewing and pressing tips from a pattern maker, such as setting seams with a mixture of water and vinegar and using wool bias strips to ease in sleeves when you sew.

I strongly recommend this book if you are curious about what goes on behind the scenes in the fashion world. I have read a few books like this before, and I think Daniel’s book is the best read by far. Fashion Inside Out is packed with great info, and still a very pleasant easy read. 
P.S. Don’t miss out this great Craftsanity interview with Daniel, where he talks about this book and life after Project Runway. 
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