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Interview with Named about their book Breaking the pattern

Here is the interview with Named Clothing from October’s newsletter. Their book Breaking the pattern: A modern way to sew is finally out now, so I thought I should publish the interview on the blog too as I’m sure many of you want to know more about the book and their company. Named is a pattern company from Finland, led by the sisters Saara and Laura Huhta. They quickly made a name for themselves in the sewing community for their stylish and contemporary design aesthetic and well-drafted patterns. So I caught up with Laura to find out more about the book and their company.


You just published your first book Breaking the pattern: A modern way to sew. Tell us what it is about!
As the title suggests, Breaking the Pattern is all about “breaking” the patterns. What it means is that the book actually comes with ten patterns (and instructions), but almost every pattern includes more than one variation and details that you can mix and match within one pattern and even one pattern to another.

The aim is to offer as many possibilities for personalizing and customizing the patterns as possible, and creating garments that are truly unique! There is also a chapter that offers more tips for pattern hacking in several ways.

How did Named got started?
Named as born in the fall of 2013, and it was sort of a whim, just an idea that we suddenly came up with and instantly decided to make happen! We are sisters and have learned to sew from our mother when we were very young. We have always loved sewing, crafts and designing, and both have degrees in fashion design. Starting an indie pattern label of our own sounded like the perfect career choice for us, as we love to design and sew as a hobby anyway.

What’s the garment sewing scene like in Finland?
In Finland, many people start sewing when they have kids and start sewing for them. That is a great gateway for sewing for oneself! Due to that, I think many ladies are most comfortable with sewing knitwear, and more tailored garments are not as popular. But the sewing and crafting trend is definitely growing here, just like it is all over the world, and I think sewists are taking up more and more challenging projects!

Share your favourite sewing tip!
This one is hard! Of course, investing in good equipment is always a good idea. I could not imagine sewing anything without a good serger, and a professional steam iron and ironing board.

One tip too would be to be curious and courageous in experimenting with new techniques and new types of projects! This can be done gradually, so it’s not necessary to jump into the deep end right away as a beginner.

Our book, breaking the pattern is also built in a way that starts on a very simple and basic project that introduces the very basic sewing techniques. The skill level will gradually develop, and new techniques will be learnt in every project. At the end of the book, the seamstress will be able to master a pair of jeans and a beautiful lined coat!

Learn more about Named Clothing

Get their book Breaking The Pattern (Amazon affiliate link)

And check their Instagram to see garments from the book

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