New Sewing Course: Coverstitch Success

Are you frustrated with your coverstitch machine? Tired of skipped stitches, wonky binding and unpredictable results? You are not alone, which is why I’ve created my first-ever sewing video course Coverstitch Success.

In this course, you will learn quick and easy-to-follow methods for solving all those common coverstitch issues. Plus, some special tricks that will really elevate your coverstitch results. 

Coverstitch Success consists of 29 lessons, divided into chapters and subsections so that you can jump straight to a specific problem and learn the best solutions quickly and succinctly. You can of course take the entire course in chronological order as well, which I highly recommend as it gives you a deeper understanding of how the coverstitch machine works and to best use it.

This course also contains fully captioned videos, written instructions plus a downloadable notebook to document your settings.

Course content overview

  • Understanding all the machine settings and how to adjust them for optimal results
  • The best methods for preventing skipped stitches
  • Fail-proof ways to sew binding on your coverstitch machine
  • Secret tricks and tools that will elevate your coverstitching
  • Quick and easy solutions to problems such as tunnelling, puckers, feeding and tension issues.
  • Professional techniques for using a binder attachment, hemming and topstitching your garments.
  • And lots more!

Get Quick Solutions To Frustrating Problems

Watch the course whenever you want

You will be able to watch the course as many times as you want! Meaning you’ll get unlimited access for a one-time fee. So you can watch the course over and over, whenever and wherever (as long as you have an internet connection, this is a stream-only course). 

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