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How I organise my sewing notions using labels

When it comes to organising my natural inclination is to throw everything in whatever bin that I’m close to at the moment– why waste precious time finding the best place for each thing?

This mentality is a disaster when it comes to sewing stuff, which, as we all know, is something that can expand faster than any other household goods once we get into this hobby. Plus most of us sew in small spaces, which makes some sort of order even more crucial

Label maker_1_sewing storage

So I’ve had to really invest a lot of time thinking up systems for sewing things. And one of those systems is to label my storage as much as I possibly can and divide all my notions into small divisions. It sounds simple, but it really makes a huge difference now that I know exactly where to put my all my stuff.

I rely a lot on small cabinets with drawers that all contain a very specific niche. For instance, I have one box dedicated specifically to bias tape and another one is for metal snap tools.


My label maker of choice is a Dymo that creates the old-school labels that I remember from school. But there are of course many ways to do the labels. But investing in a label maker has been a blessing for me, whose handwriting leaves a lot to be desired.

So if you are struggling with your notions getting out of control I can highly recommend investing in small cabinets and a label maker.

Now I’m curious, what methods do you employ to keep your sewing stuff organised? Please share, as I feel this is an area that we can always improve on so I would love to hear more tips!

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