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Video: Ikea Skådis Pegboard System Review

Are you like me and dream of having a pegboard wall filled with sewing tools, but has kinda put it off because it involves a fair bit of work? Especially since, at least here in Sweden, you have to figure out your own wall mount solution, and probably adapt some attachment too, since not all will be pegboard compatible straight out of the box.

So when Ikea launched Skådis, which is a complete pegboard system, I felt a sigh of relief, especially since I really like the design of it. Now, being a Swede, Ikea is everywhere, it’s hard to even encompass exactly how much Ikea dominates our homes.  So I do have some conflicting emotions about getting even more Ikea stuff, especially in my sewing corner, which is now pretty much 100% Ikea. But they do create products with a high design level at an affordable price, which is obviously why they are so successful.

Since I’m sewing in the corner of the living room I need to be super diligent about clever storage solutions, so last Saturday morning, me and my youngest daughter took a trip to Ikea to get the Skådis system. Since I know that more sewists than myself are considering getting this system or a DIY pegboard wall I decided to do a video about the whole installation processes. Plus address common questions such as if the system is compatible with non-Skådis attachments, if it is worth the price and of course how it compares to a regular DIY pegboard system?

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this system! Plus as someone who grew up in a country furnished by Ikea, I’m curious about how you guys in other countries feel about this company?


  • Nancy Karpen
    September 5, 2018 at 4:39 pm

    I am looking to add a storage system to the movable wall behind my sewing machines. This or a pegboard system would be usable on the outer wall, the one that slides over the other wall. I guess I need to look at a regular pegboard system as well. I don’t see hanging anything heavy so it will rest on what I plant to store. I am really interested in what you are using to hang patterns. That is an issue for me. In fact the wall in question not holds patterns and it’s just to messy. Yours is a lot more compact and neater.

    • Johanna
      September 5, 2018 at 5:11 pm

      Yes, definitely weigh both options, especially if you need a specific size. That said, the Skådis is incredibly good and does save some headache in terms of figuring out certain storage solutions, since all that is already done for you. My pattern storage system is from the UK vendor Morplan, but they no longer sell it, I’ve been looking for something similar to no avail

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