Video: My favorite Burdastyle Magazine patterns

I make a lot of Burdastyle magazine patterns and some are of course better than others. In this video, I share five patterns that have been clear winners recently. Recent as in recent makes, a couple of the patterns are a bit older, but I find that many of Burdastyle patterns are quite timeless, and I love going back to older issues and discover new patterns that I previously ignored.

Plus Burdastyle often does new versions of older patterns, that have pretty much the exact same draft as a style they published many years ago.

What are your thoughts on Burdatyle magazine patterns? I know the lack of detailed instructions, lack of seam allowance and all that tracing can put some off, which I totally understand. But I don’t really mind it too much since this is how I learned to sew, using German pattern magazines.

If you are curious about how I organize the magazines, I’ve done a post about how I store Burdastyle magazines. And here is my original best of Burdastyle video, that I mentioned in the video. And I’ve even done a video about how to use the Burdastyle magazine, they should start to pay me, lol!

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