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Built By Wendy baseball shirt

Sewing a classic raglan baseball shirt in contrasting fabrics has been on my bucket list forever, but for some reason, it has taken me this long to actually get to it! And I can’t blame it on being a time-consuming, tricky project. Quite the opposite, in fact, the whole thing only took an evening to make.

The pattern is from the Built By Wendy Home Stretch book, that I’m still nuts about, even though it has been over 10 years since I bought the book. Another similar option the Frankie top from Tilly and the Buttons Stretch book (Amazon affiliate links). If I would compare the two, I would say that Wendy’s is straighter and Tilly’s more curved around the waist and tummy.

Also, the Wendy version is a bit too tight in the neckline in my opinion, but, as usual, I forgot to scoop out the front neckline, despite me making this pattern at least five times before. Oh well. On the other hand, I find the neckline on the Tilly version a bit too wide for my liking. I need that happy medium, where one doesn’t feel strangled nor too bare necked.

The sleeves are very well drafted on this pattern, I find that one-seam raglan sleeves in knits can be kinda tricky to get right, often there will be lots excess fabric going on around the armhole. But somehow, Wendy managed to nail that on her pattern.

Close-up. I was lucky to find the same fabric in two colours, it’s an organic cotton jersey with a little Lycra in it. Again you can see how nicely the raglan sleeve is shaped. Yes, I’m particular about this stuff!

The hem is slightly curved and I coverstitched it.

Overall, I’m super happy with how it turned out and how well it goes with my new jeans. So if you haven’t already and are into classic knit garments, I highly recommend that you get Wendy’s book before it goes out of print!

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