Watch the Replay: Sewing and Body Image

Here is the full the replay of the live stream I did about the relationship between body image and sewing. I will say that this hands down was my favourite live stream ever, thank you for everyone who participated and shared experiences and gave support on this very important topic <3 .

Body image is a very complex issue with so many layers, not to mention the constant pressure of society to conform into a very specific and narrow mold, a pressure that we never seem to be able to shake completely.

If you watch the live stream on YouTube you’ll also be able to follow the chat which has some amazing and very touching stories, plus a tonne of great advice as usual!

I also share how I at a young age was singled out as overweight by the school nurse and had to go regular weigh-ins since I didn’t fit the chart so to speak, and while I’m sure that it was well-meaning, as I say above this is a complex issue, unfortunately, that experience has stayed with me ever since.

On the plus side, I discovered sewing around the same time and was able to make clothes that fit despite being too curvy for children’s clothes and too short for adult sizes (still am, btw!). And I have never looked back since!

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  • Terrie
    February 16, 2021 at 2:58 pm

    The overfitting to the point of losing the design elements is something that I have noticed too. I am concerned about forces which are eating up smaller
    and more original competition to mainstream ready to wear. Chomp chomp chomp!


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