We started a podcast! Introducing Stitching Tales

Want to learn our best tips for sewing awesome clothes? Plus get a candid insight into what it’s really like to run a sewing business. Then I think you’ll enjoy mine and Malena Hjerpe’s new podcast Stitching Tales.

Available on all your favourite podcast apps (Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast etc). And on YouTube (with video).

Malena is the co-author of Fit for Knits and for two years we had regular Skype meetings about the book project. Those meetings were a wonderful way to connect and discuss everything, not just the book. And when the book was finished, we realised we missed our meetings! So when Malena pitched the idea to start a podcast, I was beyond thrilled.

That’s the origin story of Stitching Tales. It’s published every Tuesday and the format is very conversational and light-hearted, but of course, you’ll get lots of informative sewing content too.

We also wanted to be very honest about the realities of running a sewing business, something I’ve blogged about many times too.

I hope you enjoy the format and we love to hear your feedback. We are still figuring out some of the technical stuff and format things, so any input is very welcome!


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