2 Quick Fitting Hacks from Fit for Knits

Fitting clothes can be overwhelming, but some common issues can be solved in just a few minutes. Such as these quick hacks from our book Fit for Knits.

Draglines below the bum


Diagonal draglines below the bum pointing towards the inner thigh.


Pin away extra fabric below the back waist, and pin a deeper crotch too.


The draglines are gone below the bum.

Extra fabric at the front crotch


Vertical folds of extra fabric appear at the front crotch. The folds are usually curved, like a bubble.


Scoop out the centre front crotch seam to make it deeper. Either pin or baste to see how much fabric to remove.


A smooth front crotch with no extra fabric.

Hope that we have inspired you to try these quick fitting methods. It’s so rewarding to find easy solutions to very common fitting problems.

More fitting tips for knits

Did you know that mine and Malena Hjerpe’s book Fit for Knits is packed with tips on how to properly fit knit clothes? And we also have lots of sewing instructions to ensure an awesome result, even on tricky fabrics.

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