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Burda halter top

My first ever halterneck top. The reason why it took so long is because it would have been unthinkable before due to all the bacne. Yes I was pretty self conscious about that unfortunately. But luckily my home blended BHA/AHA treatment is still working. As you can see on the right picture there are still some spots, pigment marks and scars and I might never have entirely clear skin, but I don’t really care since there has been such a big improvment. 
Anyways the pattern is from May’s issue of Burda magazine. Super easy to assemble and no pre-made pattern pieces, just three rectangles that you draw yourself. Inside there is clear elastic holding the bra piece firm to the chest. In hindsight I should have made the elastic snugger, but the top still holds up, obviously mostly due to the neck ties. My only quibble is the fit in the front, it accentuates the stomach and creates a little weird shape in the front. And when you look at the magazine photo it does have a poofing thing going on as well. Maybe that is why the model is doing such a pose? There are no photos of her standing straight. 
I think the issue is that the top is pretty tight around the hips and loose around  the stomach. If I would do it again I would either add more width/gathers or omit the gathers completely and just make the top skin tight. 
I wore this top in Portugal, but only once since I was a bit freaked out about burning my bare shoulders since the sun is so strong there. I had already burned the shoulders once due to not applying a thick enough layer of sun cream at the beach. I really like the top though and would like wear it again, though here in Sweden it will probably be too cold instead!


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