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Hemming chiffon – trial and errors

Thank you so much for all the helpful links on how to hem sheer fabrics. I will compile a list later on as I’m sure it can be beneficial for others.
I’m just experimenting right now, I have yet to finish any seams. But these are my conclusions so far:

  • Machine stitches makes the chiffon very stiff, so the fabric doesn’t drape very well. 
  • Hand rolling a hem is a very beautiful method, but it is way too hard to do in a good looking manner on chiffon when you’ve never done it before. Therefore I’m giving up on this method.
  • French bias binding could be the way to go. I’ve done it on the neckline (see the last photo) and if I can attach the band by hand I think this will give a very nice looking finish. Regular machine top stitching makes it way too stiff unfortunately. 
I’m getting a tad bit obsessed by this hemming business. In fact all I want to do is more hemming. Even though I got two (now that’s a record) social gatherings tonight. Maybe I could sacrifice some sleep? But then again, sewing and being tired doesn’t mix well for me.

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