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The Ikea muslin


So tonight I did a quick and dirty job pattern making, cutting and sewing together the muslin for my dress. It’s all Ikea fabrics, which I think worked fine, though the sleeves will obviously drape better in silk chiffon. The sheer part of the dress took the most time, as I had to draft that pattern from scratch. The rest is just the Simplicity pattern. I think the fit is pretty good. Though I should probably do an adjustment to get rid of the extra fabric in the back, as I have a major sway back. But apart from that I think I can do the pattern as is.

My major concern now is how on earth do I finish the chiffon neckline? A narrow facing? Bias strips? And how do one make the neckline seem flawless? I guess a facing would have to be turned in somehow. I have never done this before, at least not in a proper manner. And none of the zillions of sewing books that I own has any chapters on chiffon neckline finishing. 


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