New Pattern Sneak Peek: The Eivy Cardigan

I’m finally releasing a new sewing pattern, coming this Thursday, Nov 18! So in anticipation of that release I just wanted to give you a little sneak peek of the Eivy Cardigan.

The Eivy Cardigan is a very stylish take on the classic cardigan, yet super comfortable and easy to sew too.

And it comes with optional pockets. Because pockets are everything!

The pattern also includes two collar options and a collar-less version too.

Whether you plan to sew a short, chic Chanel-inspired cardie jacket or are yearning to make a cosy coatigan, the Eivy Cardigan has you covered! 

And here is the line drawings so you can get a better feel for the pattern. It will be available in sizes EU 32-56 (US 0-24) and is made for stable knit fabrics, such as sweater knits, double knits, felted wool knits, jacquard knits, quilted knit fabrics, scuba knits and other similar fabrics.

Launches on Thursday, Nov 18!

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  • Kansas Sky
    November 16, 2021 at 3:11 pm

    I absolutely cannot wait for this pattern. I have some quilted knit that I’ll use for the very first make of this pattern. It is a wardrobe builder for sure. CONGRATULATIONS on getting it launched!!!!!


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