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Sewing Jeans in French

My best-selling sewing book Sewing Jeans now has a French version too! It’s titled Coudre La Toile De Jeans and can be bought at Rascol , Decitre and other French bookstores. And if you are living in Canada, it’s also available at Prologue.

It’s so exciting to be able to offer my sewing books in different languages, so I was thrilled when I was contacted by the French publisher Editions Marie Clarie (yes, part of the same publishing group as the legendary fashion magazine).

And if you are German speaking, you can get my book in German too, it’s called Jeans Nähen and is available in most bookstores.

By the way, my next book Fit For Knits will be out this fall if all goes to plan!

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  • Cecilia Nilsson
    April 25, 2023 at 10:26 pm

    🙂 Congratulations!


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