Video: 8 Game-Changing Tips for Sewing Knits

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Here are eight quick and easy tips that will take your knit sewing skills to the next level. The more I sew, the more I realise it’s all in the details and I often find that many sewing books skip over this topic, especially when it comes to sewing with knits.

Because knowing best practices and what tools to employ when you are struggling is so crucial to the end result, and in this video, I share eight tricks that have made a big difference in my own sewing. Tricks that you won’t see mentioned in most sewing books and pattern instructions. Which is why I’m eager to share them!

Tutorials mentioned in the video

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How to stabilise the shoulder seams on knit tops (video tutorial & blog tutorial)

Stretch fusible interfacing for knits – a guide

Tools and notions showed in the video

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Water-soluble tape (Wonder tape)

Kai Scissors (high-quality shears that are perfect for making tiny snips)

Tailor’s awl

Rubber Mallet

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  • MultiVroon
    April 21, 2020 at 1:39 am

    My tips:

    – use the differential of your serger
    – when sewing the neckband I leave one shoulder open and “ease” the band in as I go. (Nowadays I use a zigzag first until happy with the fit of the band.)
    – Realise the neckband will form a smaller circle than the neck when laying nive and flat. Base the size of the band and the amount of pull on the size of the inner circle.
    – Specifically with oval necks: pull the band more where the curve is sharper, release at the straighter parts.
    – When easing parts in to the next part, just stretch both parts together until they lay flat.


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