Video: Beginner’s Guide to Tailoring – tools, techniques and materials

Curious to learn more about tailoring? So am I! To find out more I invited my friend Tina Olsson, who trained as a tailor, to share her best tips in one of my sewing videos.

This video was so fun to make, I learned a ton myself too, and Tina shares some really great, actionable tips to get us started.

Topics covered in the tailoring video

  • What exactly is tailoring?
  • Does it have to be handsewn?
  • Making test garments
  • Fusible vs woven interfacing for tailoring
  • Tailoring tools: Thimble, tailor’s chalk, thread, wax and hand sewing needles
  • How to become better at hand-sewing

Tailoring resources


How to interface jackets: Lessons from Yves Saint Laurent Garment
Canvas interfacing explained


Cutter and Tailor
About Silk Thread

British vs Italian tailoring explained

Italian vs. English Tailoring (Maison Le Porem)
Italian, American and British Tailoring (Grailed)

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