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Video: Best sewing books for improving your skills!

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Want to up your sewing game and learn techniques you won’t find in beginner sewing books or pattern instructions? Then this vlog is for you! As a fairly advanced sewist, I usually feel unmoved by beginner sewing books at this point, since I’m more interested in particular skill developing techniques rather than learning how to sew together a garment.


So I’ve dug deep into my wast sewing book library and picked out six books that have all been game-changing when it comes to improving my skills and get a better understanding of all the finer details that go into sewing. Maybe you can even add them to a last-minute-gift-wishlist 🙂

List of sewing books mentioned in the video

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The Pati Palmer interview I mention in the video

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    December 19, 2018 at 3:41 pm

    Thanks for the book review. I have been looking for a good serger book that offers more creative uses of the serger. All the books I have tired are dated and only cover the basics. My serger manual does a better job. I am going to look at a couple books that you have recommended. The other book Sewing secrets of the fashion industry, i am curious as to the content and it looks intriguing.

    The books I use are:
    1. Vogue/Butterick – sewing techniques, old but comprehensive
    2. Professional Sewing Techniques for Designers
    3. All of Janet Prays books from Islander Sewing, excellent series on industrial sewing techniques and sewing without pins.
    4. All of Kenneth D Kings books – tailoring, fitting, you name it he covers it, some of these are available thru amazon, others are pdf copies, all his materials are excellent and the same techniques that he uses to teach at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. I just love the work this man does. I also really like his rub off method for copying ready to wear. I took his Jean us class on Craftsy and was the method I use to develop a pattern for my own jeans.


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