Video: 10 game-changing sewing techniques

I love learning new sewing techniques and when I find some great ones, I’m always eager to share them. Especially those that we can’t find in most sewing books or pattern instructions. So this video is a compilation of my top 10 sewing tips, which are culled from my library of over 100 sewing videos that I’ve done over the years. It was hard to pick, but I think these are pretty solid and also easy to use.

I’ve also created a playlist with the videos that the techniques are originally from if you want to learn more about them and get other useful tips.

Blog posts about some of the techniques mentioned in the video

Using washable wonder tape to sew waistbands

Awl for marking pleats

Ease stitching to shape a flared hem

Sewing a jeans zipper

Sewing a jeans waistband

Sewing jeans back pockets

How to perfect topstitching 

Hope you found all these tips useful!

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