Video: Size Chart Confusion – Is Vanity Sizing a Myth?

Why are sizing charts so inconsistent when it comes to different brands and countries? And is it even possible to fix this issue? In this video, I tackle the very complex issue of sizing system, which is a hot topic for sure.

I also address the somewhat controversial topic of vanity sizing and make a case why it’s largely a misnomer. Because just like with most things in life, it’s actually much more nuanced, and why I think it’s good to see both sides before making a blanket statement on why many companies have updated their charts to reflect the fact that their consumer base is in growing, both when it comes to the length and the width.

In the video, I also give examples of sewing pattern companies who have chosen to cater to specific body types, such as those with bigger busts, or “pear” and “apple” shaped, and how that reflects in their size charts. Which is another reason why a size 8 can mean different things, depending on the brand.

Plus tips on how to read and understand a size chart to make sure you pick the right size, which I think is information that not all companies make clear enough.

Yeah, this video is a bit meaty, but it’s a such a complex topic that I don’t think is talked about enough, which is another reason why so many struggles with navigating the current size systems. Not to mention how it all can affect us mentally!

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  • corey
    November 4, 2019 at 3:56 pm

    Nice video, when picking what size to use, for women, hip and chest measurement, plus cup size. For sewing I find most people are shocked when they see what size they actually are. For men, I can’t say there is the same variations. The size for men seems pretty consistent across most pattern companies, however ready to wear has become different with everything “skinny”. When looking looking at sewing patterns i find the most important thing is not just the size that suits someone, but i always need to know the finished garment measurements. I found this particular important when making pants for my aunt who i had to do five fittings to get the right shape and fit. Finished garment measurements also give me clues to the amount of ease built into the pattern and the type of fabric depending whether it is woven with no stretch, or stretch fabrics with 1 – 5% lycra also determine by finished garment measurements what size or sizes to chose. Always very ticky in my experience.


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