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Watch the Replay: Supporting Diversity in Sewing

Here is the interview I did with  Nateida (SewNaturalDane) and Myra Lorraine about their Black History Month Pattern Designers Challenge which is an initiative to support black sewing creatives.

This was such an inspiring and enlightening conversation, and I have spent a lot of time thinking afterwards about the things that Myra and Nateida brought up in the interview.

As for myself, I definitely need to do more when it comes to supporting creators that are clearly not been given the same platform, so that I can make sure that both my sewing content and purchase habits are reflections of my values.

I’ve also wrestled a bit with how to best act regarding sewing companies that are not acting in a way that indicates that they are encouraging diversity and are in support of an inclusive environment.

So lots of things to think about, which is why I highly recommend that you watch this interview with these two amazing sewists!

Also, I really enjoyed doing live interviews in this format, and if you have suggestions on guests that you would like to see being interviewed, just drop me a note!

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