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Burdastyle cigarette pants

I made a new pair of dress pants! The first pair in years, even though pants are probably what I need the most in my wardrobe (and find it pretty much impossible to find well-fitting ones in shops).

The pattern I used is from Burdastyle magazine, issue 04-2016-117. I’ve done the same pattern twice before, here is another version which is closer to the original pattern.

Making the same pants pattern over and over makes a lot of sense since they are notoriously difficult to fit. So once you have the fit figured out, it’s just so much easier than starting over with a new pattern.

Since I could skip the sewing samples and fitting process I had more energy to put into the sewing part. I aimed to do really high-quality sewing, which I’m documenting in a pants sewing tutorial series. For instance, the waistband has enclosed belt loops and no visible topstitching (it’s all done in the ditch).

I’m pretty happy with the fit. I used a high-end Italian designer brand cotton/Lycra twill. The fabric does grow a bit during wear and doesn’t hang as nicely as say a polyester, wool or rayon blend fabric. But the pants are 100% comfortable to wear, which is the most important thing.

I love putting little details such as contrasting lining fabrics for the side pockets. Check out my faced pants pocket tutorial to see how made them

Want to learn how to sew a lapped fly front zipper like a pro? Then check out my step-by-step zipper sewing tutorial.

The pants also go so well with the rest of my wardrobe, such as this Burdastyle eyelet blouse.

I’m so happy that I finally bit the bullet and finished them. They are already my go-to pick for days when I’m wearing pants.

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